Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waking up the Sun

I think, perchance, after the longest day of the year, the sun may have pressed the snooze alarm this morning. It is time for me to be in the shower and the first light of day is just now beginning to creep under the door of the night. Standing outside, I hear the birds echo encouragement for the weary sun which worked overtime yesterday. No blaring alarm clock for the sun. The sun is greeted by the mourning doves calling back and forth, soft clouds stroke her cheek and the gentle breeze breathes upon her face. A long day yesterday my beautiful sun. Wake gently my sun. Everyday you give me your warmth and light. I think perchance, I take that for granted. No, wake gently and when you toss your blanket of pastel colors across the bed, your sky, I shall smile ever so warm and welcome you to another day. I shall say ‘thank you.’ For now, my sleepy sun, wake gently. I get to wake you up for a change. Good morning.