Monday, June 14, 2010

A Thud, A Doughnut and a Door

Running late to work. Late is defined by the volume of work not the clock. Suddenly I remembered the safety violation I was given on Friday. The recent apocalypse at work had me so buried I forgot it was my day to bring treats. The violation was my co-workers' way of making me laugh. I promised to make good on my violation today. A screeching halt in the middle of the road, sharp left into the convenience store, all was well.

Balancing a computer bag, a backpack full of files and papers, and the doughnuts I was grateful no one witnessed my karate chop with my elbow to open the first door. Once inside I turned to my hallway door only to discover I had forgotten my badge. I was as far into the building as I would get – the entryway. No one else was at work and would not be for at least an hour. Like a child looking at their parent the first time they hear the word “no,” I stood there balancing my cargo and stared at the door. I heard a faint ‘no’ and since I was the only one in the darkened building I figured it was me. I confess, the next sound was the thud of my head against the door, and yet another ‘no.’

Taking a deep breath, I immediately went to the positive side – I had three dozen doughnuts all to myself. I turned my back to the door and began to slide down so I could sit on the floor. As I did my back, quite painfully, hit the door handle which slid down with me. Halfway through my slide my brain recycled that observation. I let inertia continue to carry me to the floor. Reaching behind me, closing my eyes, I pulled the handle down. The door wasn’t locked. Someone must have been in and turned the alarm off and gone into the plant. Sitting on the floor surrounded by my stuff, I opened a box of doughnuts and began to munch on one. I laughed as I looked around, licking my fingers, and thought about a door behind me that was not locked. No badge, key or magic combination needed, it was opened. Doughnut consumed, I went through the door.