Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Louie Munro-Michell's Letter to Louie at Ten

I ever so enjoy the whimsical smiles that life bestows upon us. I received an email from Louie who expressed his interest in Hope's Breath. He was curious if we could exchange posts on each other's blog. Ever the curious one, I zapped right over to Enlightenment for the Common Soul and spent the most delightful, dare I say grand, time reading, giggling and thinking wow, what vision. Louie's observations are relentlessly full of hope, optimism and honesty, or I could just say hope.

How could I refuse such fun! The quest - to write a letter to ourselves at the age of 10. And so, I introduce you to Louie Munro-Michell, across the pond (London), across generations and across gender as we both write letters to ourselves at the age of 10. To quote Louie, "From Louie's Mind to Yours".... enjoy! You will find my letter on Enlightenment for the Common Soul
My Dearest Louie;

Well you’re 10 years old today. A big boy now! Congratulations!!!

You may not know me but believe me when i say i think of you all the time and I have so much to thank you for, however I don’t think you will know what you have taught me yet.

Over the next few years you will have a lot of hard times and I just wanted you to know, that whenever you feel like it’s too much I’ll always be here waiting for you. After all you’re my best friend, and that’s what friends do yeah?

As a gift for you I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up on a few things......

1. Your Sister. I know she may give you a hard time but trust me when I say in about 8 years she will surprise you and become your best friend.

2. Your Nan. Always treat her well. And know that she knows you better than yourself.

3. Your Brother. Just put up with him for now. In a few years you will need his help a lot more than you think you will and you will be amazed of how much you need each other.

4. Your Mum. The next few years will be a little rough, and I don’t expect you to understand why she might get upset. That’s an adult thing. Just be there to hug her and make her laugh.

5. Your Father. Forgive him, staying angry is only going to hold you back.

6. DON’T SMOKE! You may think it’s cool because you see your family do it. But it’s not! Remember when you pick up that first cigarette in 3 years time, you will be making us both sick.

7. Sing your little heart out. Your Dad will tell you that you aren’t very good in a few years but seriously don’t listen to him. It makes you happy, so do it every chance you can.

8. Treat your friends well and don’t judge them. Right about now you will have people do it to you, don’t stoop to their level. You are so much stronger than that

9. Dance More! You know how much you love looking at your sister when she comes home from Kinetic Dance Studio? At some point people will watch you as well.

10. Dress any way you want. You have never wanted to be like anyone else, so don’t start the habit. You are you for a reason, and I’m sure in a few years time we will both know what that reason is.

11. BE YOURSELF! Always. You will change for so many people that in 10 years time you won’t know who you are anymore and it’ll take a while for you to find yourself. You may not see it yet, but you are, and always will be perfect at being you.

Well Buddy i think that’s about it for now. I could go on, but I want you to have some surprises, and trust me when I say there will be HEAPS! Just ride the wave and live your life. I know your young now, but when you hit my age you will be amazed of how far you have come.

Be happy little man, I love you.