Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pieces of Love

     End of the day, and I was gathering my things and final thoughts. I heard a voice coming down the hall. There is never any doubt when it is Z’s voice. He really should be on the radio. You know the type- one of those deep, crystal clear deep bass voices. Z was obviously on the cell phone. He went in to the office across the hall as I heard him say ‘good bye’ on the phone.
     Long story short, as he related it to my co-worker across the hall, it was his wife’s birthday. Our work has been so frantic he forgot to order her favorite cake. Every year since they’ve been married, he has always bought the cake for her. It was almost 4pm and he was basically doomed. I chuckled as I heard them call all the local grocery stores that had bakeries, imagining the clerks laughing harder than I was – a lemon filled white cake and you’d like to pick it up now?
     Waiting for the computer to shut down I yelled across the hall and asked if a lemon meringue pie would do. Silence. I don’t think they knew I was still there. Doug’s voice bellowed back “even better.” I suggested he call the local restaurant that is known for its pies. I almost fell to the floor when I heard him on the phone asking “well how many pieces do you have and can you put them in one plate?” The negotiations went on and I heard the call end. I almost crashed into him as he entered my office as I was leaving. Z, well over 6’5” and me, barely 5’2” both came to a fast screeching halt. His deep bass voice laughed. He patted me on top of my head and told me he “owed me.” And off he went.
     Nothing philosophical tonight. No, tonight there is no hidden wisdom or play on words. Just a good man, who loves his wife, was disappointed in himself and was going home with a true gift of the heart – a pie plate of various slices of lemon meringue pie. To be honest, I owe Z.