Friday, June 25, 2010

Lines in the Sand

It is just a line. It is just sand. Put the two together and you have a line in the sand. Confrontation goes all in betting the hand it was dealt will beat yours. Even if you do not cross the line you have made a choice. Is the reward, the ante on the table ever worth such a risk? And should you win what next? “You’ve won.” Your opponent has nothing left to bet. Game – set - match.

I have always enjoyed coloring, still do in fact. However, I chafe at having to stay in the lines if you are coloring with someone. Sometimes you just can’t help escaping a bit. Other times, the artificial lines drawn in the coloring book just beg for a little creativity.

So what does a confrontational line in the sand have to do with coloring? Frankly, I am looking for lines and sand. Lines that will perhaps point to a destination a direction. Sand that reminds me of my oil free sanctuary, the Gulf. I’m just not looking for lines in the sand. It has been a day of lines in the sand and tornado warnings in the evening.  I think I prefer a much softer line that goes all in but instead of winning, you actually lose. You lose yourself to hope, belief and perhaps a touch of destiny. Yes, I think I prefer lines in the sky to lines in the sand. These lines are made for coloring. The decision they offer, without confrontation, but yes perhaps a storm, is hope.