Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Vibrations

I would imagine there is at least one song that physically takes you back to a time and place so real you can smell it, touch it and feel it. You probably remember every detail better than you can remember what you had for breakfast this morning. What is this power of music that allows it to embed itself in our senses? The crescendos can reach into our chests and lift us to the heavens. The ominous rumblings of the deep dark notes and drums grow in intensity and smash into the woodwinds creating an ethereal harmony. The chorus of the song disrobes the singer’s heart so that it falls, like a robe, to the floor. Every emotional nerve in us explodes.

We respond with uncontrolled laughter, the desire to dance, the need to cry or overwhelming heartache, love or belief. The volume is cranked up. Our fingers beat or caress the steering wheel. We suddenly move like a dancer as we walk or we pump our fists in the air when those songs crawl into us. Like diamonds on a necklace, little snippets of songs stay with us. Their shimmers appear unexpectedly to take us back to that moment in time, where we became the score upon which music became alive.

Music, the notes we hear, are actually mathematically measured and created sounds or vibrations. If you looked at their essence, they would appear cold and almost numbing. What happens? How do we go from a cold mathematical formula to the stripping of all our shields? We ignore the math and physics and dance, laugh, cry, cheer, love, and even do a head bounce in the car or link arms with strangers.

The formulas of music, the tones we hear, describe their vibrations. Could it be the vibration upon our hearts unlocks the doors to our souls and senses inviting the music in? When I think of all the vibrations that collide with me during the day, I wonder why music’s vibrations resonate so differently. Maybe it is as simple as listening. The world’s vibrations are uninvited. Music is a guest whose voice I listen for no matter where I am. I hear music and something inside pauses to see if I know the song. Or, even when I’m not listening, I sometimes find myself humming with the piped in music. I choose the vibrations I listen to and I am transformed. I choose the vibrations I listen to and my mood changes. I choose the vibrations I listen to and, well, I listen and I am in tune.