Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eyes Breaking

I have seen heartache. I have seen terror. I have seen hopelessness. I have seen vacant. I have seen blindness. I have seen death with eyes open. I have seen the agony of defeat. I had never seen eyes break.

Love heals a heart. Light expels the terror. Belief lessens hopelessness leaving hope. Blindness reveals other senses and sight. Death but opens a new vision. Defeat can propel victory. What happens to eyes when they break?

Did Siddhārtha Gautama’s eyes break when he left the castle? When he stepped outside the walls of comfort, protectiveness, and predetermination he was not prepared. When, for the first time, he saw heartache, terror, hopelessness, vacancy, blindness, death and defeat did his eyes break? When he felt them break did he gasp? When he gasped did he awaken to the power of breath?

Is that the cycle? The pain of eyes breaking causes you to gasp. In gasping you find the key to awakening. But what happens if you get stuck and can’t quite get to the awakening part? You breathe.