Friday, September 24, 2010

Without Pondering

The day is dimming and the evergreen trees remind me of paper doll spaces left cut out of a newspaper in their blackened silhouettes against the evening sky.

And if I may, a simple post without pondering. To the hands of life, to the keeper of my heart and breath, I hear your whisper
May the full and half moon's be your light when the way is dark.  
May the silhouettes and shadows of life only remind you that you are not alone. 
May the full and half moon's be the spotlight upon the stage of life beckoning you to dance fearing not who will see.
May you never wait for the sun's rising or sunset to live. Be alive in the daylight, be alive in the moon light for the sun and moon, the night and day are but two lover's faces inside a heart locket called 'today' resting upon the chain of infinity's links. The chain will never break and their faces will never fade. May you know the touch of the locket upon your heart and its rhythm in your breath.
May you put your socks on and slide across the floor. 
Dance. Dance with the daylight. Dance with the moon light. Dance with the day.
Dance with life.
Dance with belief.