Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Enemy's Face

Today was a day of strong winds. The winds detoured migrating Canadian Geese and had me doing the two step as I walked between the buildings – one step forward and two steps back.  As I walked outside I kept waiting for that brief reprieve you get when the wind is blocked by a tree, a car or another building. There was no such reprieve. Driving home I watched the trees doing the limbo bending beneath the arms of the winds.  My yard is littered with sticks, old bird’s nests, green leaves prematurely fallen without the glory of fall’s colors.

Today was a day of strong winds that buffeted my body. The winds of work, mimicking nature, continued to lower the limbo bar until I surrendered, unable to play the game any longer. Feeling like the leaves thrashing about, I wanted to capture this force of nature. Perhaps if you can capture your opponent’s face, the face of that which defeats you, knocks you back, you can find a way to overcome. Here for me to remember this day of battering about is a picture of wind.  

It was not what I expected. I thought I would see the same blur of both nature and human force. Instead, in pausing to capture the face of an enemy I found the face of a friend, the color of hope, and the patch of blue sky unyielding to the clouds. Hmmm.  All I did was pause. All I did was take the time to look. All I did was recognize the weariness in me in another and offer to walk together. And this is what I now see. I think the winds of change may have whispered  to my weary soul.