Friday, September 10, 2010

A Photo of What You Cannot See

A calling today from the heart to come out and play. When the heart calls if we’re attentive the path is cleared for the calling to become ours. What should have been an overworked day suddenly became a day where my boss said by all means leave early. I did.

Grabbing my camera I knew nature’s call was to be among the trees breathing her breath of seasons, rhythm and the cycle of life with the keeper of my soul and breath. While at the park I could see the approaching storm clouds. The wind woke up and made standing still to take a picture quite difficult. The thunder started and wisdom said it was time to get back to the car. Barely had wisdom spoken than the rain began to pour. Running, while trying to protect my camera and watch my steps, the trees sang with the storm’s wind and my laughter rolling with the thunder.

Ready to jump into the car my legs froze and I could not get in. There, in front of me, in the midst of dark gray skies and rain was an explosion of orange. It was there when I parked but I did not see. A parting gift perhaps,  a symbol of the sun in the midst of storms.  Perhaps, but the picture is more than that because of what you do not see. You do not see arms holding a small jacket over the camera so it would not get wet. You do not see the protection of the one who said ‘look,’ telling me to not worry, just look at the gift I have left for you. 

My clothes were soaked. My shoes made a squishing sound. My glasses were spotted and rain was still dripping down my face. The camera, my eyes and vision was dry.  A day in nature captured in one small photo freezing for infinity what you cannot see.