Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real Food

I cannot cook.  My food subsistence depends upon the kindness of ‘strangers’ – the makers of TV dinners. I classify TV dinners in one of three categories. The first is a “two-fer,” it’s good and I buy more than one. “Back up,” not bad and can fill out the week and I will buy one.  “Yuck,” I think that is pretty self explanatory.  They provide subsistence, are quick and offer a basic no fuss no muss kind of meal.

Tonight I stopped at a restaurant’s take out and brought home a ‘real’ meal. As soon as I took the lid off the take out container my dog and cats went berserk.  Apparently real food tastes different than TV dinners. And I confess, I could tell a difference as well.

There is nothing wrong with TV dinners. They provide nutrients and are more nutritious than devil’s food cookies and sugar coated cereal.  One might even consider them a better value than fast food hamburgers. But, as I am prone to do, I could not help but ponder how different the ‘real’ food felt compared to the TV dinners. I wondered how often in life because I may not know “how” to do something I settle for “two-fers” and “back ups”  and cringe with “yucks.” How often in life do I get the nutrients and value but not the texture of real?

And so, keeper of my heart and breath, as I put the left over real food in the fridge for tomorrow, may I pause and say ‘grace’ for teaching me to ‘cook’ with my heart.  Thank you for the taste of a real life an awakened life.  Thank you for the texture of life cooked with laughter, love and simple truths.  I will no longer settle for  “two-fers,” “back ups” and “yucks.” No, I have learned to cook. I have smelled the fragrance of real food. Thank you. And, we’ll work on the whole stove thing later.