Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who's To Say

It was a night made for Disney where colorful fairy dust fell from the sky filling the room. The moon had a huge grin and all the inanimate objects in the house came to life and danced. She sat alone in the house which was completely dark save for one light that burned softly, illuminating only the tiny area beneath its stand. Clapping her hands the living room drew in more dancers from the other rooms. Even the fireplace complete with burning logs joined in the dance. Her dangling feet joined the jig swaying back and forth.

Weary from their merriment the dancers fell to the floor. The room was transformed into a meadow. Birds now sang while bunnies, butterflies, squirrels and deer danced, leaped and hopped while the trees, grasses and flowers swayed. She clasped her hands in joy and tossed her head back squealing with laughter. Her feet were not wearing ruby slippers. She knew if she clicked her heels she could fly away. But who would want to be anywhere but here in this moment, now?

The music ebbed like waves upon the shoreline and all eyes turned to her. The lone lamp became a spotlight made brighter by the sparkles in her eyes and her smile. It took a moment for her to realize the dancing had stopped. Breathless from laughter, her hands fell into her lap. “I cannot,” she whispered as the smile faded and the sparkles dimmed. Another wave of music kissed the shoreline, softly but with a firmer touch. Her heart inhaled and held a deep breath. Her spirit exhaled her fear. “Yes.”

And on that night, that ever so magical night, a poet was born. On that night an artist was born. On that night a writer, a pianist, a sculptor, an architect, an athlete, a dancer, a painter, a photographer or a teacher was born. On that night the willingness to believe emerged alive into a most magical night.

It was a night made for Disney. It may not have happened exactly this way. But when the human spirit gives birth to belief in itself and its dreams, its calling, well, who are we to say…. Unless you were there?