Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strike the Chord

I’ve attached a link to a YouTube video of a young man playing a popular song on the piano. The song is quite beautiful in its own right. If you read about the young man, he has not had piano lessons, he plays, as they say, “by ear.” My mother played piano by ear as well. She could not read sheet music. If I struggled with a piece of music and gave up with a serious pout, I could be in my room or outside and hear her play the piece perfectly. All she needed was the melody in her head and she heard the piano and her hands went where they were supposed to. I would stand in absolute awe, as I do with this young man. All they need is to hear in their ears and their hands know where to go, they feel the song. If you choose to watch the video watch his right hand, you can see it thinking, changing and in a couple of spots hesitate and then with conviction strike the chord. He hears the melody and his brain, body and heart respond.

So many melodies out there that we hear. Some of us need sheet music to get by. We need it all scripted out with the peaks and softness defined for us. Others just hear the melody and move through life responding naturally. I could write for hours on this image in my mind. I think, maybe, just maybe, if you watch the young man’s right hand as he plays, you’ll hear what I’m trying to say. No sheet music required.

May we all feel the melody of life both scripted and played by ear. Whether we need sheet music or not, simply play, just play and strike the chords with conviction.