Monday, July 5, 2010

One Day Today

One day I will pour the water in my coffee pot without spilling water on the counter. One day I will only need to tie the laces on my work boots one time to get them right. One day I will remember the difference between boil and broil. One day I will be able to listen to directions to get somewhere and not feel like the person is speaking a foreign language. One day I will not have to get out of my car at a parking lot to see if I successfully parked between the lines. One day I will iron more wrinkles out of my clothes than I iron in. One day I will understand why there are so many lotions. One day I will smell coco butter. One day those things I don’t understand either will not matter or will have made me stronger.

Today these one days are part of who I am and makes me, me, but do not define who I am. Today they are part of the little mysteries of life that tease and poke fun at me. Today I am all of these and yet much more. Today may be filled with imperfections and pot holes lying in wait. Today, whether sure footed or tentative, whether in joy, sadness or in between, today is the only ‘one day’ I have. May I not let ‘today’ become a ‘one day’ that slips by unattended.