Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sometimes you just have to wonder. Not in the magical ‘what could be’ kind of way. Nope, it’s more of a wonder as you look down the path you’ve chosen
And suddenly you realize…. ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!’
 What once seemed so clear makes you wonder if you really saw what you saw in the first place. Today was one such day. My mind kept wandering around in the world of ‘stuff - big stuff, little stuff, unidentified and mislabeled stuff. I thought, perchance, I should reel it in but alas, my mind had a mind of its own. I was not invited; quite simply, my mind had stuff to do.
I cannot say I’ve learned to accept this walkabout my mind seems to enjoy. Nor, can I say I appreciate the fact that it runs off without me. What I do know is that when it has finished its flight of freedom,

It will playfully call to me

 And I will answer, "Don't worry, I'm still here."  

And together, once again, we will sit together, as we usually do, breathing, listening, and riding the tide.