Sunday, March 7, 2010

Physics Meets Love

Bespectaled I should not have hit the door
My forehead bears its permanent imprint.
I hit my stride and ran with ease
Rhythm and breath were hand in glove.
My eyes wide open and all was still
Til face met door and physics won.

Direction reversed, right then left
Is it a box that I’m within?
Is bravery simply anger controlled?
Peace the quiet before the storm?
To be a warrior must I draw a sword?
To reach out must I also grasp?

No answer. Déjà vu.
Restless. Hungry.
Guided. Guideless.
I’ve been here before.
Clueless not keyless.
I’ll find the lock.

To everything there is a season
A time to reap a time to sow.
If my prints have touched here before
Why the surprise we meet again?

If lessons unlearned hatch again
Is now the season I should reap?
Do I know this field? And the crop
For beauty, food or replenishment?

If an entrance door is also an exit
If an exit door is also an entrance
Has the door ceased to be at all?
And now become a threshold?

To be invisible without name
A drop of rain distinct unseen

To stand as love without need
The handless soil for all roots.