Tuesday, March 2, 2010

May I Have This Dance?

Nestled in the fingers of winter’s trees the moon and silhouettes begin their dance. A sentry bird calls out the watch echoed by another in the distance. Each recognizes the voice of the other. The moon and winter’s trees have danced before. There is rhythm in this dance. I recognize this chorus. I know the refrain.

If you desire to join in my dance,
Then take my hand and let us glide
Amidst heaven’s starlight chandeliers,
Having neither clock to strike tomorrow
Nor a calendar to speak of yesterday.
For we have but this moment, now
And already are what we were,
And contain within, what shall be.

From behind the curtain the sun makes its entrance and enters the dance. The sentries continue their songs. My mind is stretching like winter’s trees to remember the last line of the song. Silence descends and I listen to my breath which completes the song

My dance shall not be a solitary one
For when one dances as sun and moon,
One can never dance alone.
For inherent within the dance itself
Is the possibility of an eclipse.