Tuesday, October 26, 2010


There is a rhythm and symmetry in nature. We speak of an "early winter" or a "late summer" like there was a computer monitor displaying arrival and departure times. Nature does not flee one season running madly into the arms of the next. Nature does not hang on or cling to this season begging the next to tarry. She simply walks and arrives when she arrives.

Through time some seasons are longer than others while others are shorter. Fall, however, does not come immediately after spring nor does summer follow winter. All in due time. Each following its own course across time never touching those outside the before and after. A rhythm, a symmetry a simple beauty with no complaint or sense of loss or gain.

Would that I could always maintain her patience and mirror her stride. And so I listen harder and softer. I look and I see. I am trying. I am learning to simply walk knowing the seasons of my soul will fold one into the other and I will arrive, quite simply, when I arrive.