Thursday, October 7, 2010

Canteen Water

  A man or woman too long in the desert, their body dehydrated and longing for just a drop of water stares at their canteen. Its purpose is to hold water, why does it not have water? He can dip the canteen into the desert sands as often as he wishes, as often as the illusions in his mind tell him to, but he will still drink sand. To hold water, to offer drink, to serve its purpose, the canteen must be filled. The canteen cannot hold nor can it offer what was not poured into it.

Is it winter's frost gathered upon the branches? Is it fall's fiery colors, the prelude of winter? In truth, it will be what my mind tells my eyes they see. I can see beyond seasons, space and time and see winter's frost glistening in the dawn. I can see ashes of fall's fire resplendent in their white coat. I can see the moon's reflection mid-day.It really matters not the season, I need but tell my eyes that what they see is beauty. Simple truth. Simple belief.

And, maybe, just maybe, keeper of my heart and breath, with a bit of training and gentle coaxing, if I train my eyes to see the beauty, I will not forget to fill my canteen. Smile, and remember to bring extra.