Monday, April 12, 2010

Moon Sliver

    From full moon to full moon is almost 30 days. In between the full moons we see varying sizes of slivers. The faithful sliver never disappears. No turn of the earth, nor gravitational pull or tilt will ever hide that part of the moon, that tiny sliver. It is always there.
    You can’t, however, say there is only a sliver of a moon hanging in the sky. It is the whole moon. The angle of the sun is what darkens the moon leaving only the sliver for the human eye. Those with telescopes can see the whole moon. Is it the intensity of the magnification that allows us to see the whole rather than the sliver? Or perhaps the lens is the willingness to ignore the sun’s angle, its trick of light, and see the moon as it is now, tomorrow and will be – full. We are astronomers of our hearts and this day. Without our telescopes in full power we would never know the presence that completes the sliver.
    I look up to the moon and remind myself to not curse the darkness of the night when I have only the sliver to guide me. I remind myself not to reserve my celebration only for the full moon which lightens and illuminates my way. They are the same, just different angles. I remind myself to see the whole and not just the part.
    I will walk with this awareness and like the full moon embrace the slivers. Before you think me wiser than I am, I must confess a tiny sliver in me thinks 30 days is a long time. I miss the full moon.