Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Arrival Gate is....

I do not typically leave two posts in one day, but writing that speaks and provokes the heart sometimes requires the scrich of pen to paper. This is inspired by Calming Reflections. (you can click the link to read the heart speak) Thank you Bernadine for your soul and your journey.

“How will I know when I get there?”
     “Will you still be looking?”
“I’ll always be looking.”
     “Then are you going somewhere?”
“I do not understand.”
     “If you’ll always be looking, what is there to find?”
“I believe there is always more and other doors to go through.”
     “Why would you go through a door?”
“To see what is on the other side. Is this like the chicken?”
     “If there is something on the other side, perhaps a chicken, does that mean you’ve found IT?”
“I suppose. But what then? Do I just stop there?”
     “Were you looking for the chicken?”
“No. I did not know the chicken was on the other side of the door.”
     “Then you found something but not what you expected.”

“Agreed, but I’m getting so confused. How will I know when I get there? Forget the chicken.”
     “You found something you didn’t expect.”
     "You say you will always be looking.”
     "Do you appreciate what you find?"
     “And you keep expecting?”
     “Then, my little one, you have arrived.”