Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dockers, Snow Angels and Hope

      A lone parking lot silhouette, I stared at the snow mound. The fight and flight impulses were fully engaged. The urge to just sit in the snow like Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue or fall on my back and make a snow angel began to equal my flight or fight impulses. I could only imagine the healing that would spawn from the laughter and spontaneity. Somewhere, between the decision process of sitting in the snow, the snow angel and running for the hills I realized that the corporate fires were slowly melting my belief in what I believe. I also believe that sitting for the remainder of the day in very wet and cold corduroy Dockers would not be pleasant.
      Stomping your feet expedites the snow shedding process. Unfortunately I cannot shake like a dog to get the snow off my back. The remainder of the walk did not seem as plodding or treacherous. When you are the snow you tend to have better traction. I enjoyed a rolling chuckle to myself as I marched on to the next battlefield to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other foot soldiers in the corporate wars. My spirit had plunged itself deep into the snow mound and joyfully created the biggest and best snow angel that ever resided in a parking lot snow mound. I was healed even though my outward appearance was totally dry. The strength of hope’s breath cares not about outward appearances, perceptions or the fear of sitting in cold wet corduroy Dockers. Hope sees beyond what is to what is possible if you will let go, believe and dive into courage’s snow mound. I understood and the thaw was gone. Shoulder to shoulder with the other foot soldiers I laughingly apologized for the snow.