Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Last Shell

  I began a path, though I knew not where, to a journey’s end that was calling. Along the way I paused to absorb the metaphors and images of this life, which are so precious. Here you will find me when I was brave, pondering, searching, and collecting the images and metaphors like shells upon the beach. 

I do not have it all figured out. One thing I do know and that is how to collect the shells on the beach of my beloved Gulf Shores. I have offered these shells to you. None are perfect, but then, I have always preferred imperfect shells and their character, their stories and textures.

The journey is not over, but now, takes a different course. The tide and time are calling for a new path. It is time, to leave these shells and follow a new sunrise. To all who have followed me and have taken the time to look at my little shells, I am truly honored and humbled. 

As I say good bye to the blog, Hope's Breath, i leave one final shell for each of you: May your journey be soft. May you always see Nature and hear her voice. May you always pause to see. May you always look for what you do not see. When the seasons have ended may your pockets be full of shells, little ears whispering to you of wonderful journeys and the sound of the surf.

Thank you all.
I bow from the waist and bend my neck to each of you
Peace to you, and to our world.