Wednesday, May 26, 2010


    This is my favorite time of the day, this hour between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Most of the human world is still asleep but nature is awake and joins me in my morning coffee.
    Years ago this was the time I would run. One morning, in Florida I set off on my morning run. My route started on asphalt and headed to the beach where I would pick up my running partners - the pelicans and sea gulls. One morning the timing was perfect and like a nuclear bomb exploding in the pre-dawn darkness the sun crashed across the horizon of the Gulf. As the sun exploded a group of pelicans, their black silhouettes only, crossed its path. Time and my feet stood still and watched the dance. I was never blessed to again time my run with the sun's awakening and pelicans' flight. I no longer run.
     The coffee mug warms my hands as I stand to greet the day. The morning doves are calling each other. One dove is just above me. The other I cannot see. One calls. Pause. One answers. The other birds are their orchestra serenading their song. The morning is alive with song and life. No orange explosion this morning, the sky is cloaked in clouds threatening rain. The sun's arrival is more like one of those dimmer lights slowly turned up.
     I notice the clock and realize I am going to be soooo late getting to work. My bad. But, you see, there was this sunrise, pelicans and morning doves and ... well .... gosh .... they called my name. And with that, I do have to run.....