Saturday, October 31, 2009


I do not draw a line in the sand. I can jump over a line. A line I can erase. I do not choose door one instead of two. Doors are too easily opened and lead to yet another. I do not make a wish upon a falling star, rub a rabbit’s foot, cross my fingers nor go all in. Each is a wish and I can find a reason or excuse for the unfilled desire. I do not sign a contract nor a promise for life has taught me the power and persistence of loopholes. I do not say “tomorrow” for though the sun will rise I may not. No, I stand at the end of the gangplank, I sit upon the end of the branch, I hold fast to the rope that sustains me. With sword in hand, the rising sun reflecting upon its sharpened blade, I draw swiftly and cut off that part in front, holding and suspending me. Decidere. I decide. I cut off any other options, excuses, reasons or possibilities. Decidere. I decide and leave no escape hatch. The sun has risen and with my sword emblazoned with Decidere the choice is mine how it shall be lived. It shall be lived well, bravely and with love, laughter and heart. Decidere – I give myself no other choice.